What is a Hotel Channel Manager?

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July 10

Hotel management needs to be up-to-date with the changes in services in real-time. With the increase in networking and channel management software, it has become easier. A hotel Channel Manager helps the property to manage their service offerings efficiently. While most channel managers are online integrators, RESHotel is different. It takes care of everything ranging from direct bookings to walk-in customers and also online booking partners. RESHotel provides its users with up-to-date data analytics from the pooled inventory system. Hotel channel management has never been easier.

With a channel manager, properties can access as many online distribution channels as you like. Hotels can list their room availabilities and the channel manager updates them in real-time with a change in bookings. With over 150 hotel channel managers up and running, you need to choose the best of the lot.

Certain qualities separate the best from the rest. Qualities to look for in a major hotel channel manager are:

  • The reputation of the provider - Do they provide customer support and satisfaction?
  • Usability - Is it easy to understand the software?
  • Size of the network - How much reach do they have in terms of market exposure?

Manage Multiple Channels or OTAs

RESHotel forms the ultimate companion for hotel owners and managers. Their partnership with the best OTAs allows for increased sales and growth for their users. Expedia, Booking.com, Agoda, and MakeMyTrip, to name a few, are all partners with RESHotel. This makes RESHotels one of the best hotel channel managers with the best reach in the travel market. Automation of your hotel booking service means more time to actually service the guests. Leading properties using RESHotel give glowing reviews on its impact in their business.

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Understand Your Hotel Bookings

With less hogging of useless data, they give the user the best analytics to understand the business better. With a cleaner and more intuitive dashboard, all services become easy for the manager. RESHotel also provides the Hotel user with 4 websites to choose from. This is unprecedented in the Channel management market. More direct bookings mean more advantages to the property owner. All the websites come pre-loaded and with further back-end support.

On-the-go Property Management

RESHotel also takes pride in its easy-to-use interface on the mobile app. The Mobile app even works as a walk-in register with data changing hotel service pin-ups in real-time. It is possible to track all the changes from the notifications on the app. This includes room bookings, cancellations, price changes, and payment settlements. With one of the lowest handling charges, RESHotel even provides a free demo service for the application. The platform is confident of its ability to convey meaningful data to the user.

Prompt Customer Service

The application forms half of the total experience with RESHotel. The customer-oriented 24/7 customer support completes the hotel channel manager. Any queries or doubts get prompt replies from the back-end staff. Channel management can be hard and they do everything to support the user. It would be wise to choose RESHotel. Unprecedented offerings and unparalleled market exposure make it an easy decision.

Want to access all your OTAs and increase your overall revenue, download RESHotel mobile app on Android/iOS or sign up today. To know more, you can contact us at hotelsupport@reshotel.in.

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