Avoid Overbooking and Under-booking with the best Hotel Channel Manager in India

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July 10

Hoteliers rent out their properties with the hope of smooth operations and happy customers. In today’s hectic world of ever-changing plans, renting out rooms efficiently is a big ask. Even more so with the increase in free cancellations of room bookings. It is impossible to maximize your profits because any cancellation from customers makes the hotel lose money and business value. A channel manager for hotel bookings like RESHotel can help you navigate through this market like a winner. It is the best hotel channel manager in India for organizing an effective and efficient rental business. How?

Overbooking, underbooking, and double-booking are all inevitable problems hotel managers manually handling their OTAs face on a day-to-day basis. This results in loss of money, angry customers and an overall impact on the hotel’s reputation. We can never understate the importance of having a hotel channel manager online. RESHotel’s channel management software for hotels takes into account all these factors and more. The platform’s services and insights can help you run your business smoothly in real-time.

Avoiding Overbooking and Angry customers

Overbooking is a common problem in the Hospitality segment. The listing of hotel inventory in various online sites can increase the hotel’s revenue chances. But with many Online Travel Agents (OTAs) present, manually updating all of them can cause mistakes. This is not taking into account the various walk-in bookings the hotel will receive. If managed manually, you could have multiple cases of overbooking or double-book in a single room from different websites. This is a horrible scenario for the hotel manager to face and can tarnish the hotel’s reputation among customers. Using a hotel channel manager in India like RESHotel will help you avoid overbooking.

Managing Underbooking and Market Exposure

Underbooking can cost you as a hotel manager. Underbooking happens when your rooms don’t sell out, but demand still exists. It is easier to happen nowadays with a wide variety of Online Travel Agents on the scene. It is common to see the rooms on one website being booked out while those in other websites sit idle. This is not the best scenario for a hotel manager. Having a higher exposure in the market with demand would increase customers and revenue.Using a channel management software for hotels like RESHotel, you can avoid underbooking.

Can Hotel Channel Managers Help Avoid Overbooking and Underbooking?

With RESHotel, updating changes take place automatically in all the OTAs integrated with the hotel. The pooled inventory model of the software helps to change the room availability in real-time. It makes sure that the information about room inventory in every database gets updated the moment any change occurs in any of the OTAs. RESHotel makes sure that even walk in bookings are updated at all times. This reduces the loss of customers and revenue while maximizing efficiency. RESHotel’s channel manager software makes real-time changes to avoid overbooking, bad publicity, and irate customers.

The ability to list your hotel on all the available OTAs with no fear of overbooking or underbooking increases your hotel’s market exposure. With access to neat and concise data, hotel managers can choose when to stop-sell. The best hotel channel manager software gives the managers the best resources to make these decisions. RESHotel’s analytics can give user insights and data to act accordingly.

Channel Manager For Hotel Bookings?

A hotel channel manager for hotel bookings helps the property to manage their service offerings efficiently. With a hotel channel manager in India, properties can access as many online distribution channels as they like. Hotels can list their room availabilities and the channel manager updates them in real-time with changes in bookings. With over 150 hotel channel managers online you need to choose the best of the lot.

An integrated channel manager helps hotels to function efficiently and effectively. It is of even greater importance with the ability to market your hotel through various websites. With the automation of room inventory, the hotel stands to make more revenue and fewer mistakes. Having a hotel channel manager app lets the property owner be on the know all the time. It even allows them to work on-the-go with an internet connection. So, which hotel manager in India can tick all these boxes and more?

RESHotel - The Best Hotel Channel Manager in India

While most channel managers are online integrators, RESHotel is different. It takes care of everything ranging from direct bookings to walk-in customers and also online booking partners. RESHotel provides its users with up-to-date data analytics from the pooled inventory system. Careful handling of data analytics helps users with setting up stop-sells. We pride ourselves in being able to offer the best features for our users. We help the users to make educated choices, leaving all the work to us.

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Easy On-the-go App

Hotel channel management has never been easier. RESHotel’s mobile application is easy to understand and even easier to use. With easy data interpretation of booked rooms, available rooms, payments and booking details, the interface does everything. The user can easily make changes including activating listings and blocking listings in its partner websites. The interface of RESHotel’s hotel channel manager app makes on-the-go handling even simpler.

Make Informed Decision Promptly

Users of RESHotel get prompt reminders about bookings with the help of timed notifications. The automated updating system avoids overbooking. The payment updates of bookings are easy to access from the application or online. We analyze all reports for easy representation to the user, saving time and resources. These analytics help managers to make informed decisions on demand, prices and booking choices of customers.

Never Miss an Opportunity

RESHotel allows its users a choice of direct booking with the help of their websites. Offering 4 beautiful website templates, we guide the property owner to set up their site. As the hospitality industry goes, direct bookings are the most valuable and we know it. Having the platform list your room inventory in various OTAs maximizes your revenue stream. RESHotel provides automated updating of all your inventory in all OTAs, increasing chances to reduce underbooking and avoiding overbooking. The base you need is all set up.

We Are Here For You

With 24/7 customer service, your queries and problems don’t go unnoticed at RESHotel. We are here to help with the most mundane of troubles for customer satisfaction. Our customer service is well-known among hotel managers far and wide for its quality. The best hotel channel manager online also comes with the best back-end support.

It is important to make a steady revenue from your hotel while providing your guests with a great experience. The solution to your frequent overbookings and under-bookings is right here. Sign up on RESHotel - the best hotel channel manager in India and get all the solutions to your hotel right from your Android/iOS mobile.

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